Gardening with ROYO
by on May 31, 2021 in NEWS

ROYO has released his fourth album Gardening.

Like his prior three releases, this record was a rewarding collaboration with this indefinable artist. One big difference however was that we were working during the height of the pandemic, so the album found us both at home — me in Queens and ROYO in Harlem — mixing and mastering remotely via a combination of Dropbox for file transfer, Zoom for discussion and screen sharing and most importantly Audiomovers for realtime high quality audio streaming. These tools made the process as productive and successful as the face-to-face sessions we experienced in the past — and without any commuting.

This fourth release continues ROYO’s evolving musical journey with this collection of songs taking us down an unpredictable and often experimental path marked by largely instrumentals, sound collages, samples and non-traditional song forms.

Written, performed, recorded and produced by Thierry Royo in NYC
Vocals on 7 by Marguerite Royo
Vocals on 2 and 6 by Marie Mandi
Mixing and mastering by Riley McMahon at New Warsaw Studio, Brooklyn, NY

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