Dave O’Neal is “Schooled in Rock”
by on January 1, 2021 in NEWS

Guitarist David O’Neal has released his second instrumental album produced here at NWS and appropriately it entitled “Schooled in Rock”.

This five song EP is true to its name right off the bat with the driving opening/title track and continues to “rock” often but like its predecessor — Dave’s 2018 guitar-centric album “Hold On” — it seamlessly blends in elements of country, jazz, indie and even ambient. Common theme here is Dave’s guitar serving as the “vocal” with hooks, riffs and melody aplenty — in addition to some searing solos.

We spent tons of time finding the right mics, preamps, guitar pick up, effect pedal combination/setting and amp tone for each and every guitar part on the album. Wanted to be sure all the elements were right and worked together with the tasty rhythm section work of Tony Tino on bass and Bryan Bisordi on drums.

Here’s a teaser of the album complete with credits:

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