by on September 14, 2020 in NEWS

It was five minutes before an online lesson with my guitar student Karina and I was starting to panic. I’d promised her that we’d raise the fidelity on this lesson by using a microphone and headphone rather than the built-in mic and speakers on my computer and I hadn’t even begun to set up the improved technology yet. Ahhh!!!

Fortunately I remembered I’d just received a new TONOR TC-777 USB Condensor Microphone. I grabbed the box, pulled out the mic and accessories, connected the mic to my computer, tested my input and low and behold, success!! Total setup time of one minute and I was good to go. Whew!!

Yessir this TONOR TC-777 definitely came to the rescue as it defines “plug and play”. All I needed to have it working was to connect the attached cable to the USB port on my computer. No software or drivers to to install and no conflicts with existing programs. The mic was immediately recognized by cloud-based video conferencing service Zoom and I was ready to transmit audio for my lesson.

Equally as important, the audio quality was crisp and clear and Karina could hear everything I said. No shouting into my built-in computer mic to convey those important lesson concepts.

Also the mic comes with a solid shock mount on an attached tripod so I wasn’t trying to balance it on my desk or fumbling trying to fit it into a mount I already owned. It fits nicely in the included mount and I was able to position the mic nearby but out of the way of me and my guitar.

The mic also includes two different pop filters: (1) a pop screen that attaches to the tripod and (2) a windscreen that slides over the mic capsule. Great options to have for voice heavy work such as gaming or podcasts to avoid plosives.

All in all this TONOR mic was just what I needed at just the right moment. It saved this tutoring session and will definitely do it again for future lessons. Oh and did I mention the price? Currently under $40 on Amazon: Plug and play for a great price! Can’t beat that.

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