Pete Sinjin’s “Funeral Train”
by on June 8, 2020 in NEWS

Here’s a new video from Pete Sinjin for the tune “Funeral Train” off his 2010 release Better Angels Radio. Video features the photos of Paul Fusco documenting the funeral train that departed NYC on June 8, 1968 bound for Washington, DC transporting the body of Robert F. Kennedy following his assassination.

In Pete’s words: “A number of years ago I came across a book of images by the photographer, Paul Fusco. He had been the photographer assigned to accompany and document the last ride of Robert F Kennedy, as his body was carried from New York City to his final resting place in Arlington, VA beside his brother John. At some point early in the journey, Mr Fusco gazed out the window and realized in wonderment that thousands and thousands of people were lining the tracks to see off Bobby. Quickly grabbing his camera, he took image after image of mostly working class and poor Americans giving their final regards. The look of shock and grief on many of these faces is palpable and uniquely American. For many, Bobby Kennedy embodied a final hope for the working poor and for civil rights and equality. I found these images heartbreaking, haunting, and tragic. This song finds it’s inspiration in them.”

Proud to have contributed to this alt country record a decade ago by playing lead guitar, lap steel, mandolin, banjo, piano, and percussion, mixing it and co-producing with bassist Mike Davis.

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