Happy 2017 from NWS
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Happy 2017 from New Warsaw Studio!

Looking forward to another year working with a great bunch of artists on a wide variety of projects. Whether taking albums from pre-pro to mix down, scoring a film, tracking a band live in the studio or mixing a single, it’s a privilege to be trusted with people’s art, get inspired and go deep.


Saw a bit of recognition in 2016, as I was lucky to be featured in the audio publication SonicScoop.  David Weiss, co-founder of SonicScoop, was kind enough to ask me about my recording facility – New Warsaw Studio – and the work I do there as a producer, engineer and musician.



“Blaze of Glory” from Spottiswoode’s NWS-produced album of the same title earned a Production Music Award at the 2016 awards ceremony held in London. Song was the recipient of “Best Use of Production Music in a Television Drama” for its placement in the DirecTV series “Kingdom”.

Produced and mixed by me here at the studio. Commissioned and released by the Paris-based Kouz Brothers on their label Superpitch. See the clip from “Kingdom” here: https://youtu.be/3SUkDGeyu2k


And last but certainly not least, I worked on many cool things last year. Here’s a few projects that saw a 2016 release:

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