Embracing the Bleed with Cait & the Critters
by on October 1, 2016 in NEWS

Had an inspired session yesterday at the studio with Cait and the Critters.

Singer Caitlin Allen brought her band of top notch jazz musicians here to capture tracks for her upcoming album of jazz standards arranged with swing dancing in mind.  A “retro dance record’ if you will.

With a six piece band and one iso booth, we were in a situation where separation was going to be impossible so we committed to embracing the bleed of instruments onto each others’ mics.  Like records of yore, a band playing together in one room can inspire players and create a sound that melds in a magical way.    Caitlin was in the vocal booth getting a classic vocal tone on my Neumann UM-57 and the five jazz cats were positioned around the studio with  baffles up for a bit of separation.  Lots of spillage but it just helped create a style appropriate sound and vibe.

Big thanks to engineer Jon Rosenberg who collaborated on the room set-up and loaned his matched pair of Schoeps and a new microphone called the Remic that is specifically designed to be placed on the bridge of an upright.

Kevin Congleton Drums – SM57 on kick/snare, Schoeps in ORTF for OH, 421s on toms
Ian Hutchinson Upright – Remic and Countryman DI
Pete Matthiessen Guitar – Shure SM57 and Beyer M160 ribbon
Alec Spiegelman Arranger and Sax/Flute – Neumann TLM193
Tyler Kaneshiro Trumpet – Beyer M160
Caitlin Allen Vocals – Neumann UM57
Nick Horner Producer

Looking forward to more work on the record.




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