Katie Elevitch Brings “Brilliance and Light”
by on June 23, 2016 in NEWS

Katie Elevitch has released her new album – Brilliance and Lighta yoga and meditation inspired blend of world music, rock, jazz and dance/trance.

The record was co-written, produced and mixed here at NWS starting in March of 2011 after Katie has just completed an intense and transformative yoga teacher training.  She wanted to find a voice and sound for her profound healing experience so we combined improvisational vocals featuring mantras and chants in English and Sanskrit with a unique hybrid of rock/folk/funk/electronic instrumentation.  Several long pieces were then distilled down to three movements reflecting the arc of meditation/yoga sessions.

This is my fourth collaboration with Katie after 2005’s “Now is the Destination” (co-produced with Tony Maimone and mixed by Joel Hamilton), 2007’s “Kindling for the Fire” and the forthcoming “He Roams”.

Sample clips from Brilliance and Light can be found below.

Guitars/Vocals: Katie Elevitch
Guitars/Keys/Programming: Riley McMahon
Bass: Jonathan Maron
Drums/Percussion: Lee Farber
Trumpet: Taku Kuroda
Produced by Riley McMahon/Katie Elevitch
Recorded & Mixed by Riley McMahon at NWS
All songs Katie Elevitch (BMI) and Riley McMahon (SESAC).

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