Rorie Kelly is “Rising Rising Rising”
by on February 1, 2016 in NEWS

Singer/songwriter Rorie Kelly has released her second studio album “Rising Rising Rising”.

I produced three songs on the album (tracks 4, 9 and 13) and played lead guitar as we rehearsed, tracked and mixed them here at NWS. The rhythm section consisted of drummer Katie Pearlman and bassist (and Rorie’s father) Kevin Kelly.

In both the production and playing on these tunes, I tried to blend a combination of classic 70’s folk/rock with some 21st century concepts to keep things contemporary. The arrangements and mixes were always geared towards highlighting Rorie’s voice and acoustic guitar as that is where the essence of the songs lay.

You can hear this approach from the first downbeat of “Teach a Bird to Sing Below” – which also features a choir of talented vocalists known as the Triceratones. Enjoy!!

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