TBT: S&M’s “Cold Days of December”
by on December 17, 2020 in NEWS

As we watch the snow fall here in New York City, I am reminded of the song “Cold Days of December” from Spottiswoode & McMahon’s 2006 release S&M. As Spottiswoode reminisced on the tune:

“We went for a Buena Vista feel.  Kevin (Cordt) stood a long way from the mike while playing his beautiful trumpet part.  And so did Bruce (Martin) with the congas and claves.  Kenny (White) on piano and Paul (Ossola) on upright are also outstanding.  And there’s Riley doing his Ry Cooder on steel.  Okay, I’m no Ibrahim Ferrer.  But I’m singing what I know.  That’s as much as I can hope for.”

Hit play on video below for the track and here’s a nice review of the album: http://www.aidabet.com/issues/279/279reviews.html#SPOTTISWOODE

SPOTTISWOODE vocals & guitar

RILEY McMAHON lap steel guitar


BRUCE MARTIN percussion

PAUL OSSOLA double bass


Produced & mixed by RILEY MCMAHON (New Warsaw Studio)

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