Sonata 1962
by on September 10, 2019 in NEWS

Sonata 1962 has released the first track – Sunlight – from their summer NWS sessions. Cast and crew were here in June 2019 recording several songs from the the musical following its standout performance in the New York Musical Festival where it won in two categories and was nominated in six others:

WINNER: Outstanding Musical Arrangements and Orchestrations – Thomas Hodges
WINNER: Outstanding Performance in a Leading role – Christina Maxwell
NOMINATION: Best Musical sponsored by Play-by-Play
NOMINATION: Outstanding Book – Patricia Loughrey
NOMINATION: Outstanding Lyrics – Patricia Loughrey and Thomas Hodges
NOMINATION: Outstanding Music – Thomas Hodges
NOMINATION: Outstanding Director – Katherine M. Carter
NOMINATION: Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role – Romelda Teron Benjamin 

The track Sunlight features the musical’s lead Christina Maxwell. Piano, guitar, strings and all vocals were tracked and mixed by me here at the studio.

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