From the Celestial Factory
by on March 1, 2017 in NEWS

ROYO has released his second album “From the Celestial Factory”.  Like his 2015 release “Minniesland”, this record documents ROYO’s unique avant-pop style but reimagines the sound and style of this collection of songs. Tone poems in both French and English with fresh textures and psychedelic touches.

As with Minniesland, it was a blast co-producing and mixing this record as Thierry (ROYO) wrote, performed and recorded the songs at his home in Harlem and then brought them to New Warsaw for finishing touches, mixing and mastering.  Exciting to open each song and see what sonic picture he’d painted this time. In his own words…

“From the celestial factory. Some songs were written a long time ago. They shed their skin and grew under a different sky. Other songs were inspired by stories i read, heard or imagined. Stories of loss and renewal. Stories of awakenings and epiphanies. Everyday be grateful, whatever comes your way, the magical sway.”

released March 1, 2017
Written, performed & recorded by Royo in his clothes closet
Produced by Royo and Riley McMahon
Additional vocals by Marguerite Royo
Lap steel guitar on 73 by Riley McMahon
Percussions on The Portrait and 73 by Marc Righter
Sax on The last Conquistador and Strange Days & vocals on The Portrait by Hawk Smith
Bagpipe sample on Small Talk courtesy of Michel Royo
Mixing and Mastering by Riley at New Warsaw Studio, Brooklyn
Art by Royo
Cover design by Nicole Rogers of Studio Kenney, LLC

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