SonicScoop: NWS is a “Recording Sweet Spot”
by on June 6, 2016 in NEWS

I was thrilled to be featured in the audio publication SonicScoop last month. David Weiss, co-founder of SonicScoop, was kind enough to ask me about my recording facility – New Warsaw Studio – and the work I do there as a producer, engineer and musician.

Here’s an excerpt and find the link below for the full article from SonicScoop:

“Small studios with a big heart are everywhere in Brooklyn. But you may not find an audio aorta beating with more bravado than New Warsaw Studio.

The facility was founded by producer/engineer/composer/multi-instrumentalist Riley McMahon in 2008, years before Bushwick began to bask in its current resurgence. Moving on up from an apartment studio in Greenpoint, the 300 sq. ft. space provided plenty of room for McMahon to stretch out, get maximum results for his clients, and indulge his many sonic passions all at once.

Indie bands book plenty of hours here, but he’s got GRAMMY-winning artists coming through as well, and Emmy-nominated series and top ad agencies.

What’s the appeal? Well, maybe it’s that McMahon loves songs – like really for REAL. You’ll see why being hands-on in the art of songcraft is the highest high he’s hit on. On top of that, tone tops all priorities for this discerning engineer, who explains below how he’s nailing the sound of tape without a reel-to-reel to be seen – the best of both worlds as he flies his sessions quickly on Pro Tools.

Just as intriguing is the one-man workflow he’s developed, more than happy to operate each session by himself. What are the advantages of eschewing engineering assistants, and being his own recording crew? Find out how he overcame the obstacles of working solo – and how tracking that way leads not just to better sounds, but better performances.”

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