CMJ Premieres Great Father Video
by on August 28, 2015 in NEWS VIDEO

CMJ has premiered Great Father’s video for the track “Nobody Likes a Long Goodbye” off the forthcoming album Bicentennial Blue.

CMJ says the tune is “a lovely, lyrically pointed reflection on leaving, featuring strikingly plaintive acoustic lilting and subtly double-tracked vocals. And the video is a perfect visual, culled from found footage super 8 films of cars traveling and planes flying and things generally moving at odd angles.”

Track was produced and mixed at NWS with Great Father’s Brandon Stevens providing vocals and acoustic guitar and me on the one-handed organ pad played on a vintage Roland VK-09.

Ghettoblaster Magazine says “The most traditional “folk” song on the album with primarily guitar and voice—but the inclusion of the mournful organ accompaniment provides a more modern view. Vocals and guitar lines blend a la’ Nick Drake as a goodbye unfolds.”

Bicentennial Blue will be released on Exit Stencil Recordings on September 25, 2015.

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