Juno Grey Releases “Of Entangled Emotions”
by on August 24, 2015 in NEWS

Juno Grey has released the first single from the forthcoming EP “Want & Fear”.

“Of Entangled Emotions” definitely references some guys from Liverpool but – like the rest of the EP – aspires to a modernity that reflects the decades of music that followed the release of the iconic rock albums of the 60’s and 70’s.

Grant Bennet is the man behind Juno Grey, providing the songs and lead vocals on the album.   A bunch of other musicians laid down the lush instrumental beds at NWS:

Drums: Dylan Wissing
Bass: Pemberton Roach
Piano: Tony Lauria
Backup Vocals: Elsa Cornish, Chris Batstone, and Todd Baker
Cello: Trevor Exter
Violin: Jeff Young
Trumpet: Miwi La Lupa
Saxophone: Lynn Ligammari

I had a great time playing electric, acoustic and lap steel guitar on the EP as it gave me a chance to riff on guitar heroes George Harrison, David Gilmour and Mick Ronson.

Producing and mixing was then a blast as we tried to take the songs to a more modern vibe by using some contemporary production styles to tweak and manipulate the mixes.  Big mutes, long delays, heavy vocal layering, and EQ filtering were applied liberally.  Check it out.


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