Great Father Getting Great Press
by on July 24, 2015 in DISCOGRAPHY NEWS

Great Father getting some kind words after the release of the first single “On the Vine” previewed the fall release of the album “Bicentennial Blue” on Exit Stencil Recordings.

Bucket Full of Nails hears “..Conor Oberst singing later-day American Music Club.”

Beehive Candy recommends you “keep Great Father in mind, the featured track is just a taster and there is so much more going on within this album. Some of the words above are sombre, however this album has so much feeling and character that it is likely to be up high amongst my favourites this year.”

The modern folk music of america says “…they deal in reflective ballads and warm tones, homespun rootsy folk/rock, with eerie vibes standing just outside the door, in the porch-light.”

Austin Town Hall finds “there’s this lush blend of guitar sounds, both strummed and sliding, mixed around the soft-spoken voice of singer Brandon Stevens; I hear a little bit of Tweedy in his delivery.”

Album was produced and mixed at NWS with Brandon Stevens providing the songs, vocals and acoustic guitar, Will Mason on drums and me on bass, lap steel, banjo, piano, electric guitar, percussion and background vocals.  Co-wrote track 6 “The Easiest Answer” with Brandon.

Record was artfully mastered by Chris Keffer/Magnetic North Studio.

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