May at NWS
by on May 31, 2015 in NEWS

Had an exciting month of May working with many talented artists. A few highlights below:

•  Tracking jazz vocals with Elsa Cornish
•  Mixing Thierry Royo’s avant-pop album
•  Mastering Outside World album with Fred Kevorkian
•  Tracking and mixing sessions of the cabaret rock of Lauren O’Brien and Mitch Distefano
•  Finished up “Live at NWS” video with Todd Baker
•  Solo acoustic guitar tracking dates with Glenn Roth
•  Tracking lead vocals on Juno Grey rock album with Grant Bennett
•  Rehearsal and gig on mandolin, banjo, piano and kazoo with Pete Sinjin
•  Mixing Cordelia Stephen’s neo-folk album “Wide Awake Dream”
•  Shows on electric guitar, mando, glock and percussion with Spottiswoode & His Enemies
•  Mastering Pete Sinjin’s folk family album “House of Song” with Fred Kevorkian

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