Summer Sessions 2014 at NWS
by on July 1, 2014 in NEWS

Summer got off to great start with some awesome artists coming through the studio in June.  Highlights include…

* Guitarist/composer Bob Lanzetti of 2014 Grammy-winning group Snarky Puppy tracking guitar overdubs on his new album produced at NWS.

* Bassist/composer Jonathan Maron of Grammy-nominated band Groove Collective worked on songs for his genre-defying group with keyboardist Barney McAll and drummer Bill Campell called Trio Feral.

During the course of the album, I had the pleasure of tracking some “composed on the spot” vocals from Maron friend and Soul Coughing frontman Mike Doughty.

* Tracked electric and acoustic guitars, lap steel, banjo, organ, piano and vocals on Exit Stencil record label head Brandon Stevens’ debut album Bicentennial Blue.

*  Textured guitar overdubs and vocals on four new Outside World songs.

* Pre-production and song writing sessions with Lee Farber and Zu Ralat.


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